Iaido Grading Guideline

We are lucky to share an English translation of 2010 July ZNKR Iaido Committee Mtg summary by Stroud sensei from Idaho Kendo Dojo. In addition to the technical manual, we also have unofficial translation of Chapter III: Examination of Dan - Granting criteria and Examination of Shogo Title by Tsugane for everyone to reference.

Katana/Iaitou length

Please find this chart to reference the recommended blade length relative to your height when acquiring a practice sword.

All Japan Kendo Federation Seitei Iaido Kata

  1. Mae
  2. Ushiro
  3. Uke Nagashi
  4. Tsuka Ate
  5. Kesa Giri
  6. Morote Tsuki
  7. Sanpou Giri
  8. Ganmen Ate
  9. Soete Tsuki
  10. Shihou Giri
  11. Sou Giri
  12. Nuki Uchi
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