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Northern California has had a rich history of kendo since the first generation of Japanese settlers came to California beginning in the late 1800's. The Northern California Kendo Federation as it is known today, is the result of efforts by both Japanese Americans and Americans of other ancestry after WWII.

Today, the Northern California Kendo Federation is comprised of eleven kendo dojo's located from Salinas to Sacramento, with the majority of the dojo's being located around the San Francisco Bay area.

The Northern California Kendo Federation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit publicly supported organization. All Dojo Shihan (chief Instructors) and instructors donate their time and teach on a purely voluntary basis. Due to this, all affiliate NCKF dojo's charge much less for instruction than comparable commercial martial arts studios.

Affiliate NCKF dojos are all led by a ranking Shihan, or head instructor of at least an FIK/AUSKF recognized 5th Dan or above. Those below 5th Dan are only allowed to be assistant instructors in affiliate dojo's. This enables the NCKF to maintain a level of instruction which is needed to promote kendo with a high degree of integrity.

The Northern California Kendo Federation consistently places individuals, provides coaches, and managers to Team USA (US National Team).

New students are always welcome in all NCKF dojo's. No previous martial arts experience is necessary, as all new students start at the beginning. Please visit our Member Schools link to find a school near you.

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